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Sierra Leonean civil society will have unprecedented access to real-time data on information including turn-out, voter demographics, corruption levels and results during their national election on November 17. In Freetown, National Election Watch (a coalition of monitoring organizations), will receive coded SMS reports sent from a statistically significant sample of their 9,493 trained election observers - based in every polling stations across the country. The messages will be deciphered, verified and mapped using OneWorld’s real-time monitoring technologies, enabling NEW to make informed and immediate interventions. The data will also be published on this website for anyone to see, in real-time - or as soon as local internet access permits!


Traditionally, collecting and analyzing data from election observers can take hours or even days, which is often too late to affect the course of events. A Situation Room, powered with real-time data from a statistically significant sample of polling stations, will enable NEW to coordinate immediate responses to serious incidents (calling on election officials, law enforcement and local and international media) and to make informed pronouncements about the status of the elections as they are happening.


 The National Election Watch (NEW) is the largest coalition of monitoring organizations in Sierra Leone. It began operations in 1997 and deployed over 5,500 observers during the 2007 Presidential elections.

OneWorld has seventeen years’ experience of innovating and deploying cutting edge technologies for social good, in some of the most challenging countries and environments in the world.

SMAG Media, founded in 2001, is a software company dedicated to creating practical regional technology systems in West Africa. The SMAG Network is a robust scalable transaction based network that facilitates and shields the inter-connectivity, operations and secure communications between valued based services and a wide range of devices using SMS, Secure Web Messaging and other messaging technologies. is supported by OSI West Africa.